Standard Features

Virtual Terminal

Enables merchants to process credit card transactions manually on any computer with internet access and a web browser. Transactions are processed in real-time supported by SSL encryption. USFSG’s Virtual Terminal is the best solution for merchants who manually enter credit card transactions for phone order / mail order sales. Additionally the Virtual Terminal can be accessed businesses wishing to accept credit cards as a form of payment via a Smart Phone / iPhone with a web browser. This service expands your mobility and allows you to sell goods and services outside of your normal place of business.

USFSG Shopping Cart

The USFSG Shopping Cart ordering system allows you to create order buttons and/or order forms for your website. When customers are ready to check out, they will be forwarded to US Financial Services Group to enter their billing information. Therefore, you will not need a secure certificate to utilize the USFSG Shopping Cart system.

Real-Time Reporting

Provides real-time reports, including charts, graphs and tables which help merchants track sales, transactions and much more.

Unlimited User Access

provides the ability to assign gated access to individual salespeople, sales offices, departments, developers, accounting departments etc.

Automatic Load Balancing

Allows you to process transactions over multiple merchant accounts and or multiple processors.

Custom Dynamic Soft Descriptors

Allow you to alter (per transaction) the description and phone number that is pushed to the customer’s credit card statement.

Recurring Billing

Automate timely and multiple billings for new and existing accounts.

Batch Upload

Allows you to process thousands of transactions at incredible speeds and automatically sort and generate detailed reports.

Easy Integration

Allow merchants of all sizes to easily connect to USFSG’s Exchange Payment Gateway.

Fully Redundant Application

Exchange Payment Gateway utilizes the latest technologies to maximize uptime and minimize outages. With an N + 1 application and network design, Exchange Payment Gateway ensures there will never be a single point of failure.

Credit Cards

Exchange Payment Gateway supports all major forms of credit card transactions including Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club® and JCB®.



Certified Shopping Carts

USFSG Payment Gateway is pleased to work with a variety of shopping cart providers.